In the management of contract staff, SAMBHU NIGERIA LIMITED takes ownership of staff by getting more involved in the management of assigned staff. We would also monitor the performance and development of staff through periodic appraisals. However, you have an option- if you prefer to have sole management of staff while we manage their payroll, benefits and other administration.

With SAMBHU NIGERIA LIMITED, you are sure to get the very best professional services as you would get anywhere in Nigeria.


At SAMBHU NIGERIA LIMITED, we offer various levels of construction services. Our team of skilled experts is committed to ensuring we meet client’s specification and satisfaction.

At SAMBHU NIGERIA LIMITED, we offer the following construction services:

  • Residential construction
  • Non-residential construction
  • Infrastructure construction
  • Industrial construction

Our specialty in staff outsourcing is with support staffs such as:

Factory workers



Dispatch riders

Janitorial staff

Office assistants

Bank tellers


Shop floor staffs

Non-core staffs